i share my thoughts on "cultured meat" created in a lab (1:23), my thoughts on GMO's (6:02), my thoughts about all the different places i've lived (13:40), my tips for getting your first pull-up (24:12), and my tips for building strength and muscle in general (31:16)!

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recorded from chandler, arizona! rare location!

0:00 - officiating a wedding for my friends.
3:00 - what i do when i feel stressed.
16:17 - the dangers of pursuing "happiness."
20:28 - the happiest feeling moments of my life.
25:55 - present moment break.
30:18 - tips for starting your own podcast.

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this episode starts with a brief update of my life and my exercise routine, then at 4:15 the main subject of the podcast begins: how many calories i eat, and what i think about vegan youtubers recommending eating very very large portions!

i actually ended up talking for ~20 minutes about the high-carb vegan youtube scene and related subjects, especially the influence of durianrider and freelee the banana girl on the nutrition/diet advice often given in that community.

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you can hear the ocean in the background of this episode! recorded from Cannon Beach, Oregon! wow!

0:00 - introduction and my current tour.
3:31 - finding your "purpose" in life.
16:33 - present moment break.
18:25 - more vegan meal ideas.
22:15 - ethical issues with eating lots of berries.
28:19 - present moment break.
30:14 - affiliate links as an income source for artists?
33:27 - outro.

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two main subjects on today's episode:

0:39 - vegan meals i've been excited about lately!
15:35 - not running away from fear!

this was recorded in the graveyard, so this is a haunted episode. hope you enjoy. please email me with your questions for future episodes: steveroggenbuck@gmail.com

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happy 2017, Plant Liker podcast continues into the new year! just a few main topics this week, but lots of good energy:

0:00 - intro!
2:06 - my socialist book recommendations.
12:30 - reconciling carpe-diem with buddhist detachment.
25:16 - outro and some limp bizkit content.

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last episode of 2016!!! hope you love it a lot, happy new year!

0:00 - intro: looking back at my 2016 output.
5:15 - trying to not say filler words in my podcasts.
6:58 - it's the end of 2016 and we're still alive.
8:22 - how do you decide what to do with your life?
19:22 - is there a difference between art and "content"?
24:05 - curating your media vs keeping abreast of trends.
27:38 - how to decide what to keep private vs sharing?



worst podcast ever!! hope you enjoy!

0:08 - i went off social media for 7 days.
2:30 - social media and judging people.
7:45 - my favorite reason for writing and making things.
8:57 - how my art/writing style has evolved over time.
12:53 - networking as an artist with social anxiety.
21:43 - working in a cynical, shallow art scene.

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