this is a RARE episode of plant liker podcast. it's the first time i have interviewed someone else! i talk to alli simone defeo—a poet, visual artist, and one of my best friends. here are the topics and segments:

0:00 - intro.
2:05 - 3 poems by alli simone defeo.
3:07 - smiley faces and "positivity" in relation to hurt and trauma.
10:24 - the functions of art.
14:17 - alli's year as a traveling artist, and how they afforded it.
29:24 - shitty things that cis people often do.
36:18 - when people say gender-neutral pronouns are "unnatural."

please go buy alli's book i love you here's a gigantic worm from 2fast2house.com, and consider supporting their patreon at patreon.com/bff. thank you for listening!


recorded from tucson, arizona! perfect episode! please listen, thanks!

0:00 - intro: my life in tucson.
1:37 - tips for "life on the road."
11:48 - how to eat heathfully if you're addicted to sweets.
14:25 - how i've dealt with loneliness.
24:25 - outro: go home and cry the bed.

please email me your ideas of what i should discuss on future episodes: steveroggenbuck@gmail.com! thank you!

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recorded live from the UK!

0:30 - things i learnd in denmark.
3:41 - things i learnd in england.
8:48 - thoughts on emotional labor & masculinity.
18:11 - the importance of patience.
19:19 - the sky is art that is always happening.
20:37 - actually doing things.

please email me your ideas of what i should discuss on future episodes: steveroggenbuck@gmail.com! thank you!

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recorded in a graveyard in tucson arizona. here are the subjects i talked about:

0:39 - i went to a slipknot concert in 2016.
6:44 - quick update on boost house.
7:58 - how can non-vegans help support vegans?
18:15 - art-making as the creation of new syntheses, of ideas and styles!
25:13 - ideas for establishing consent / not pressuring people in sexual situations.

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this was a mini-episode recorded from tour in baltimore. i gave a few updates from tour, and then i shared a rant that i recorded this spring for drivetime underground. it's a rant about following your heart and following your own vision as an artist. this whole episode is only 13:40, and the pre-recorded rant starts at 4:24. thanks for listening!

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live from a park in montreal!

0:00 - introduction! i'm in canada!!
3:16 - my thoughts on the Socialism 2016 conference!
16:44 - why i dropped out of my poetry MFA program.
34:28 - rant about humor in art, & listening to your heart.

thank you.

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